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Player's Edge Plus (PP0469) Deuces Wild Poker Rom name: pepp0469 Display type: horizontal 60.000000Hz raster Manufacturer: IGT - International Game Technology [ details ]
Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu USA, encrypted) Rom name: mooncrstu Display type: vertical 60.606061Hz raster Manufacturer: Nichibutsu USA [ details ]
Super Volley '91 (Japan) Rom name: svolly91 Display type: horizontal 61.310000Hz raster Manufacturer: Video System Co. [ details ]
Space Attack / Head On Rom name: sspacaho Display type: vertical 60.000000Hz raster Manufacturer: Sega [ details ]
Bubbles (Solid Red label) Rom name: bubblesr Display type: horizontal 60.096154Hz raster Manufacturer: Williams [ details ]
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